Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2/22 Show

If you found yourself writhing in anticipation for Sunday's Oscars, you may have missed our fabulous (read: okay) pre-Oscar show, where we start late and gloss over topics that require much more time than we give them. Luckily, the fun lives online! The file requires RealPlayer, but we're working on a conversion. Enjoy.

- bryan

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Now doesn't that look better?

See... now that looks much better. I suppose that as long as I can make it past covers that resemble Todd McFarlane's first promo image, Haunt might not be that bad. This new image by series penciller Ryan Ottley (Invincible) also doesn't look like it should be behind the counter at a gas station. By that I mean the last one looked like 'Haunt' was spraying jizz out of his hands.

Is the character's name even Haunt? All the interviews I've read only call him 'the character.' Not one to misinform you, here is the most Kirkman has provided the public with as for what the comic is about:

"... The main basis of the story is that there are two brothers who have hated each other for a good long time and are now forced to interact because one of them has died and is haunting the other... "

If you really care about 'Haunt,' you could read the rest of the CBR article at the above link. So to sum up my feelings: I think the first promo image by McFarlane didn't look so good, and that this new image by Ottley looks great.

That's all I've got for now. I just didn't want the shadow of my Haunt-hating looming over the blog.


Monday, February 16, 2009

February 15th Show

The stars aligned [read: my dad signed on] and we were able to attain a recording of the 2/15 show, so now you can enjoy the 20 minute Comic Book Hour on the go! Remember not to LOL in public; it's not a good look.

Grab it here.

Also, here's the sweet mouth laser video:

- bryan

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sunday - 2/8/2009

Image Comics announced the 'long-awaited' Haunt project, pairing Robert Kirkman and Todd McFarlane. Apparently, this means McFarlane is back...

Well, that's what I took it to mean. I read the words at the top of the promo piece, so that must be what it means.

I'll get to this unfortunate promotional image in just a moment, but here is Todd McFarlane's version of being 'back.'

-Todd McFarlane draws the covers
-He and Robert Kirkman co-write the story.
-Greg Capullo does the page breakdowns.
-Ryan Ottley draws the book.
-Todd does the inks.

This is essentially what Todd McFarlane currently does on Spawn, with a few minor differences. They might as well have said 'Todd McFarlane is Black.' Except that was never true. So it's a good thing they didn't say that. Todd was 'back' last year when he and the new creative team started up on Spawn.

All that aside... this IS brand new Todd McFarlane art. But it looks like an old Spider-Man shot he might have done, with a different costume on, and ecto-plasm (I'm guessing) instead of webbing. I am not here to tell Todd McFarlane how to draw. This is his style... but I would think anyone would be more cautious than Todd was in this instance with the placement of the thumb on the left hand. It is just kinda gross, is all. Maybe I'll like the next one?