Sunday, March 8, 2009

Watchmen Opening Credits + FF: Unstable Molecules

If you've seen Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead remake, you might be reminded of the opening credits sequence after viewing this roughly 6-minutes of opening credits for Watchmen. In both cases, the opening credits are one of the highlights of the film. At the same time, this sequence more or less brings you up to speed on the back story of the film's reality, from the 1940's to 1985.

I'd post it directly here, but the company that made the sequence, Yu+Co, took it down after having them available on their site for only a day. So they're brought to you by way of, having downloaded the video before it was removed. But don't start going there all the time, now. So if you aren't quite sure if you'll be into the Watchmen film or not, check out the above link for the opening credits.


Buy it, borrow it, steal it... I don't really care. Read Fantastic Four: Unstable Molecules, by James Sturm. It's the true tale of Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, and Susan and Johnny Sturm; the real people who inspired the stars of Marvel's 'world's greatest comics magazine.' Even without the cosmic powers, you'll be surprised how much of the spirit of the characters is in this fact-based story. Bryan liked it. I liked it. My mom liked it. What more do you need?