Friday, April 24, 2009

The 20 Minute Comic Book Fashion Hour

When I was in high-school, I was something of a shoe freak. I'd get rare pairs through shady channels and had a series of toothbrushes and special cleaning agents I'd use nightly to keep my kicks clean. Then I got to college and was poor.

I bought my first pair of new shoes last week, and have slipped almost completely back into my old ways (need to buy some more Q-tips and bleach for the vulcanized rubber soles) but I thought I'd share some findings with all you cool cats here.

Nike SB released this hero/villain pack in November 2008 and they are sweet.

The Spider-mans

The Venoms

Aaron thinks that naming them based on the colorways is stupid. I think they are cool looking shoes, and the name gives me an excuse to post them here.

If you want some complementary colors, is selling Marvel and DC character hats. Some are hits, some are misses but there's a nice mix between classic colorways and bugged out, hipstery ones:

There's more of a selection over at that separates the DC caps from the Marvel caps (if you care about that sorta thing) and features some designs not available on the aforementioned Dig it!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Adam Sandler fast forwarded through the middle part of our show. And the make-up sex.

We started late last Sunday. We also had a special 2-hour show in the A.M earlier that day ( i.e: midnight). I'll put the portion of that I recorded up here once I get it converted.

BUT for now, I bring you a brief, glitchy, 11-Minute-20-Minute Comic Book Hour. We're talking about The Walking Dead, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ( where the recording glitches occurred), and Ex Machina. Dig it. Up. From the grave.

Or just get it HERE on zshare. 10 mb.

We'll start on time this week. 'Cuz we love you. And comics. Mostly comics.

Free Comic Book Day May 2nd. Gonna be a big deal in Iowa City! If you don't know yet, you will soon!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Afro Samurai II, Wolverine Pirates and more!

Here's Sunday's shows for April 5th, available in mp3 format to listen to or download!

The 20-Minute Comic Book Hour 4/5/2009

You can also win this original artwork if you call in next week ( 319-335-8970) or IM us ( requestkrui) with a comic book question during the show, and we don't know the answer:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wolverine Gets a Guy Fired

Not really, but sort of. An unfinished, quality work-print of Fox's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, ( hmmm... I wonder which part of that will go up on the marquees ) which hits theaters on May 1st, 2009, was leaked online this past week. We don't know how... we don't WANNA know how, but one Fox freelancer was given the axe, or claw, rather, for downloading, viewing, and reviewing the incomplete film in his entertainment column.

Roger Friedman had to look away from his monitor during this part of the film.

Roger Friedman wrote his column, Fox 411, for for nearly a decade. He was let go after giving a positive review of a stolen, early version of the film made by 20th Century Fox, a separate company, also owned by Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp. Condemned as promoting film piracy, Fox called the act "reprehensible." In a possible attempt to defend himself in the now-deleted column, Friedman suggested he was downloading films ...

"...because it was so much easier than going out in the rain."

Yea... you're right, Rog ... it 's not about saving money, it's about staying dry.

For verbal extrapolation of this and other topics, tune into the Twunny*-Minute Comic Book Hour this Sunday from 5:40 pm - 6 pm on KRUI 89.7, Iowa City. Or listen online at .


*twice as funny