Thursday, April 16, 2009

Adam Sandler fast forwarded through the middle part of our show. And the make-up sex.

We started late last Sunday. We also had a special 2-hour show in the A.M earlier that day ( i.e: midnight). I'll put the portion of that I recorded up here once I get it converted.

BUT for now, I bring you a brief, glitchy, 11-Minute-20-Minute Comic Book Hour. We're talking about The Walking Dead, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ( where the recording glitches occurred), and Ex Machina. Dig it. Up. From the grave.

Or just get it HERE on zshare. 10 mb.

We'll start on time this week. 'Cuz we love you. And comics. Mostly comics.

Free Comic Book Day May 2nd. Gonna be a big deal in Iowa City! If you don't know yet, you will soon!

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